Baltimore Culinary Startup Incubator (BCSI)

Chandler Kennell
Empowering culinary entreprenuers to bring their unique dishes and items to the culture rich city of Baltmore
Around the country, humans are experiencing a revolution like never before. We are tired of not knowing where our food comes from and we are tired of fast food loaded with GMO's and unhealthy fats; as a result, restaurants like Chipotle and food retailers like Whole Foods have gained a lot of recent popularity. This has led to a nation-wide hunger for restaurants and shops with original ideas and dishes that use fresh ingredients. By renting warehouse space in the city of Baltimore and outfitting it with the supplies to host 10-20 aspiring restaurant entrepreneur's, chefs, and caterers, BCSI can play a leading role in the success of a few hard-working entrepreneurs whose ideas have growth potential, scalability, and feasibility. BY providing these entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to grow in exchange for an equity stake in their business, BCSI is encouraging small business and driving local economic growth in the food industry and capitalizing on the growing trend of original ideas paired with fresh ingredients.