Roll Call

Travis Francis
A recreation app/website that will bring schedules to end users in one convenient place.
Roll Call will be a website and mobile application that will allow users to access condensed information in one place, specifically for different competitive sports gatherings. For instance, within 2 hours of Westminster, MD there are 5 drag racing tracks. In order to decide which track racers will attend each weekend they must access all 5 tracks website and determine which track is holding the race most appealing to them. But Roll Call will allow you to access your favorite track schedules in one place and where it is quick and easy. Also, track owners will be able to use the mobile application as a way to send push button notifications to users such as event updates or cancellations. Once the foundation is laid I can use the concept across many different genres of information such as triathlons, local runs, sporting events, local governments could use the apps concept to organize all local community events on one application.