Casey Davis
LT360 is a blueprint to help people get healthy at a cellular level through nutrition, hydration, detoxification, exercise, & coaching.
Life Transformation 360 (LT360) is a health coaching program that focuses on getting people healthy at a cellular level. Health is more than just losing weight or managing chronic disease, but that’s not what many of the big box weight loss companies or pharmaceutical companies want people to think. Our goal is to teach people a simple 5-step blueprint of how to get healthy at a cellular level, without needing diet pills, powders, or other gimmicks. LT360 does this by teaching 1) cellular nutrition - how, when and what real foods to eat; 2) hydration therapy - how to make your cells porous in order to uptake nutrition and hydration; 3) exercise science - exercising the right way to improve lean muscle mass while decreasing the harmful visceral fat that lines the organs and increases risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and dementia; and 4) digestion and detoxification - how to clean out the detoxification pathways to metabolize properly.