Simply Home- Green Housekeeping

Angela Miller
Making your house into a home- green, clean, and clutter free- for your family, furry friends, and the planet.
The past few years have witnessed a push for "green" products and living styles. It is clear that this is not a passing trend, as people continue to seek education and awareness of the chemicals that are used on a daily basis, in everything from our food and clothing, what we drink out of, and even what we use to "clean" our homes. There are plenty of non-toxic brands available commercially, if consumers wish to tidy up themselves, but this falls short when it comes to cleaning services offered. Traditional maid services do not always offer a more natural, safer option when choosing the products with which to clean. Removing everyday grime doesn't require harsh bleach and detergents, dangerous chemicals hiding behind a whiff of synthetic fragrance. Many of these chemicals are toxic to the skin, eyes, is this a better alternative than the germs that we are killing off to avoid dangerous effects? It is just overkill, figuratively and literally. There are methods of cleaning that are safer and just as reliable, and that is what I plan to provide to the community. Not only will I clean a home, but I will assist the client in creating a plan to keep their environment tidy, germ free, and organized. Along with the complete cleaning, I will help remove clutter and streamline the home, so that it is a more efficient and healthy area in which to exist. It is, after all, a home, our escape from the daily stresses of life. Or it should be. Excess grime and clutter just add to the chaos, and home becomes just another burden. Better organization and cleaning habits can shorten the time spent searching and worrying, so there is more time for what matters- free time, family, fun, relaxation. As an extra benefit to my services, I will also offer pet-sitting on top of everything else, so truly everyone in the family can be helped out. Picture this- a client goes on vacation, and while I take care of their fuzzy child in their absence, providing love and feeding along with any necessary medical treatments (I am a veterinary technician), they also come home to an overhauled residence- clean and clear of toxic products and clutter free. The depth of the cleaning and the details would, of course, be strictly discussed with the client beforehand, so I can be aware of their preferences and needs. It's a lifestyle change, and I am here to help. When the initial cleaning is done, we can plan for future visits, but also educate the client on how to keep up the basics on their own, in between. Education, learning and understanding why this method of housekeeping is a better alternative , is just as important to me as the act itself. My passion for non-toxic alternatives, and the satisfaction of helping create a truly, deeply clean and simplified home environment, has potential to benefit residents of Carroll county and their families- two-legged or four, as well as helping take steps towards a healthier planet.