Autumn Summer Woodcraft

Ryan Herbstsomer
We are an e-commerce store that sells handmade wood and leather gifts for men from artists in the United States.
Our company sells handmade wood and leather products that are made by artisans within the United States. We make about 50% of our products and the other 50% are made by hand selected craftsmen and women that share a similar market as well as similar values. We strive to solve two problems in our industry. First: men are difficult to buy gifts for. They want something practical, while the gift giver, (usually their wife) wants to give something artistic. Second: The idea of the "starving artist" really exists. Artists are being taken over by mass produced products and are being under cut by major companies like Amazon. The craftsmen just want to craft, and we are here so they don't have to think about the business side. Our main areas of focus include customer lifetime value, truly engaging with the customers rather than just selling to them, and ultimately helping artisans market their products through our website so that they can do what they do best.