Website GURL

Kelly Heck
Website Gurl collaborates with you to develop your website from both a technical and visual standpoint, advancing your URL together!
I established Website GURL in April, 2015 with the idea of helping organizations with their websites, web presence, and professional visuals (including photography and light graphic design). I've always loved to teach, to educate, and to empower others with the skills and knowledge I have gained... and this is especially valuable to new businesses and small businesses. Combining my love for web design and artistry with goals to empower others, I decided to approach Website GURL with a unique approach that I call "Website Development Day", in which I work side by side with clients to build their website together. I now combine coaching, teamwork, web development, and training to launch a website. I believe a most successful website is a team effort between the designer/developer and the business leaders, and so far, my clients are loving the idea! From tackling visual and technical enhancements to empowering clients with DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tools, we will advance your URL together!