Sweet Tooth Gluten Free: Sweet Confections for Everyone

Amanda Schwaab
A gluten free (and other allergen free) cafe and bakery
Celiac disease affects about 1% of the population. And 97% of these cases go undiagnosed. A gluten free bakery would not only help those coping with the disease have an easier time with their lifelong challenge of finding foods that taste good and make them 'feel like everybody else', but also bring more awareness to the disease by spreading education that it exists. Undiagnosed cases (and those diagnosed that people choose to not follow the gluten free diet because the food does not taste the same) have risks of osteoporosis, iron deficiency, cancer, intestinal lining damage, and many other risks. Many autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory disorders, skin rashes, personality disorders (and the list continues) can be helped with a gluten free diet. Having a cafe and bakery that serves gluten free items as well as specialty items such as dairy free, egg free, nut free, paleo; can help bring awareness of the disease to the Westminster area as well as help those already coping have options to go out and enjoy food with friends instead of eat before they go out to lunch with a friend because they're afraid they don't have any options or decide to just not go altogether and affect their life socially because they have such a hard time finding places with gluten free options. As someone who has watched their father cope with celiac disease before gluten free was cool (about fifteen plus years) and then got diagnosed with celiac disease herself and have had to cope with the many hardships of it- I understand the pain of the disease not just physically, but also mentally as I have certainly spent a lot of nights crying about why I can't be the same as everyone else and why the food just doesn't taste the same. Thus, I starting cooking and baking things myself. Through a lot of trial and error, I truly believe what I make is better than any other gluten free baked good I can buy out and it has become a passion of mine to share gluten free baked goods with others- those with celiac disease and those without it.